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  1. Problems with math? I'm free to help here :D

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Szadus


      I'm in geometry right now

    3. LightningHawk


      i did geometry in the 10th grade, considering how long ago that was i doubt i can be of any help, lol

    4. Szadus


      Don't worry :) We can work out it together

  2. It's time to make my rank in LoL great again and bring glory to DI!

    1. Senti
    2. Dom


      Alright there,  Trump.  

    3. Szadus


      Thank you Senti :) And yup Don, Trump mode activated xd

  3. I love dust II and Infernew (New Inferno). Nuke is good too
  4. M4A4, AUG (For visual aspect) and R8 Revolver. When i'm drunk my favourite weapon is Vodka gun called P90 ^^.
  5. I use USP-S mainly because of sentiment to older CS games (CS 1.6 , CS:S and event CS:CZ Deleted Scenes) but P2000 is very good weapon too - you have more ammo so you can use it longer before depleting your additional ammo. For my friends the only difference which weapon has more beautiful skins and which skins have they...
  6. Wait for late and oneshot with Camille their Jhin 8/2/2 :)
  7. Hi

    Welcome to DI! Hope you will get nice time here and good luck of course :D
  8. She's very mobile champ and can deal tons of DMG but in teamfights she can be defeated very quickly.
  9. I'm watching and reading Oone Piece :) I'm lovin' it especially new episodes :D i'm open for discussing.
  10. Coach S6 Rank: P4 Basic mechanics/game knowledge you are willing to coach, if any: Farming, playing against champions and helping in teamfights Positions you are willing to coach, if any: Jungle and Top and ADC Champion you are willing to coach. if any: Jhin, Aatrox, Yorick, Rengar PM me for more details pls :)
  11. Current DI Team - Casual Team B Primary role - ADC Jhin Secondary role(s), if applicable - Top or Jungle, (Support if you need ocasionally) What type of team are you looking for? CVC, Flex and everything competetive
  12. Good idea! Unfortunately, this behaviour is in 80% of ranked matches even on higher ranks :(
  13. /mute and report for flaming after the game. i hate toxic people and i think that they should get hard penalties
  14. I play mainly for fun with friends or to relax but when i'm on the edge of the rank (derank or rankup) i'm trying to play my best