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  1. Here's my Mid Lmao Lux Guide Alright so to get started let's see who counters Lux in most match up's <--- This Parkour Master - Can dodge your boosted skill shots easily. <--- This Troll Yordle - Mobility thru the roof which counters your boosted skill shots <---- This Tornado Cowboy - Can easily slide to the left, slide to right, wind wall up Now let's see who Lux can give the lmao to. <---The godfather of Fire - Has low mobility and if you have Elementalist Lux you can turn to water form and give him the good lmao <--- The robotics team leader - Thinks he can still hide behind his turrets when both you're stun and slow have more range and do massive damage! <---- The 2 life redeemer - Low mobility and when you ult him from a distance his passive is pretty much useless :D! Now let's see the way to build your Skills and Mastery Pages Items you can build! Feel free to Mix and Match. Open to conversation and questions about guide and tips
  2. Well I won the Raffle for Elementalist Lux! S/O to Paragon our great commander for setting stuff like this up

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    Welcome to DI :D
  4. Your Font League Of Leggins Katarina and Akali Both if Do able
  5. Not avalible in my country XD D:
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  7. have fun
  8. Sorry man hope it gets better thru the week for ya
  9. He's not wrong. This song is the tits dude like dayuummmmmmmmmmmmm In the morning during a league session or any game tbh In the afternoon it's more of a chill session
  10. I'm not the best at the game So someone who can just be chill and have fun in bot lane with me for when I wanna play ADC instead of Jungle
  11. Sivir or Vayne
  12. I'm so scared here
  13. Welcome :D
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    Welcome :D