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  1. Since I've been a good Xenith for like an entire week, would you consider putting a Paragon channel in the community section on TS? :))

    1. Merf


      Will do.

      You have been a very good Xenith. Keep up the good work. 

    2. Xenith
  2. Your feedback is important! If you attended any of the Super Weekend Events please vote/comment here:


  3. Root beer yes! 💙
  4. Well that's disappointing. I've had them as a couple in my mind for awhile. I just want everyone to win. I'd still not put it past GoT... I mean incest? That's so first season. :P
  5. Sure :D Why, did I guess right?
  6. Unless there's something new out, then yes. I am caught up
  7. Dragons. She has dragons! Perfect couple. They should just marry and have little dragon/wolf hybrids.
  8. Vote on the Casual Gaming Icon in TeamSpeak here:


  9. Thor! Welcome back and glad you're ok! ❤
  10. Hey there Merf. Been laid up in the hospital the last few months. I'm back now.  I see my account and some posts and my event badges, and they show I have my initiation scroll and my officer training badge.  What else do I need to get back in the groove of things?  Sure missed you all. Thanls, Thor747870

    1. Zxcaven


      Welcome back thor!

    2. Merf


      So glad to see you! Should only need to reapply and you'll be set.

  11. RSVP to all four [CLAN] Super Weekend Events is mandatory for EVERYONE! 


    Here's #1. Gogo!


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Senti


      Can't wait to get drunk with @s0LA :^)

    3. Shinji


      Cards against humanity = best part

    4. s0LA


      @SentiFUCK YEAH


      gonna get some wodka before :')

  12. RSVP YO!

    1. jojopheonix


      DONE and thanks :)

    2. FxAErA


      I have a question about the calender. The calender doesnt work. I thin that this is not normal. So i can not respond to any event...

    3. Merf
  13. Don't even care if setting our gender back 40 years. Those were upvotes well spent.
  14. Hi @Oriane! Welcome to DI. We have a several lovely ladies that play ARK! I hope you enjoy your stay here, and I look forward to seeing you in game soon. :)