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    I love SHK and LOL. Feel free to add me in LOL, I am Loriannightfire. I also enjoy penning erotic fiction in my spare time.
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  1. Welcome to Di and to Div IX, I am so excited to have you on my team!
  2. This is so captivating! Must hear more!
  3. Welcome to the team, so great to have you!
  4. Thank you for sharing!
  5. They all look so fabulous, this was a hard choice to make!
  6. OMG, that is terrifying!
  7. Welcome Tubsie!
  8. Welcome Tuesday!
  9. Welcome to DI Odin!
  10. Welcome to DI!
  11. I swear it was not me that undressed you
  12. @AdmiralRedztamed this beautiful Rex before the DI server reset! I miss Fuzzy Wuzzy! @AdmiralRedz scored big time in the first taming event! I found @Drunkler living up to his name passed out on the beach! I found a greet place to hide for the Hide & Seek event! I found this guy wandering around my house on the DI server! My little baby Dilo, Ms. Wiggles! @Aisthimatikos has a Rex! On my Pteranadon! @Aisthimatikos and I heading to Volcano Island to catch some dangerous Dinos! Meet Sparkles, My new Rex! He just wants to come in and cuddle by the fire! Spying on this guy! Loaded them all onto @Aisthimatikos's bronto to get them home!