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  2. just heard thru the grapevine about car accident, I hope you're alright man

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      #pray for Syndi

  3. Ran out of FP so had to enter VM for 2 weeks, loaded up asuci with ID before going into VM. If you need me to come back early send me a message here, or contact my son (JDShop) in IW.

  4. Try using the stronghold client, its independent of steam and uses your same log in info
  5. Congrats on making the perv list @AlwaysSlayin LOL
  6. Super sad I wasn't picked :(
  7. This is an awesome guide, especially for 1st time parish stewards. Great job @Snek
  8. Hopefully not frozen burritos although that would be something to see
  9. What is the 1st thing you would do as Empress of the Antartican Republik @AlinaStarkova
  10. No cookies for cookie monster :-(
  11. I figured that if somwone cam close that they would just create more.
  12. Welcome to DI @BlazeInfernape, seems we all know they all cannot possibly be caught but good luck
  13. Just remember that this is how firefly makes money. people invest time and money in creating castles while othets invest time and money into destroying them. Never get overly attached to villages
  14. Shake my head repeatedly
  15. This guide is to instruct the AVERAGE player on how to go about successfully pillaging others. In my opinion, this attack is often misused by younger players as a way to get free resources from other players. More experienced players will use pillaging as a scouting tool or as a breaker to weaken castles for following attacks. I will be sharing information on the latter choice with you all as this is how I was taught to use pillaging. Yes the purpose of pillaging is to in fact take goods from another player. Your army engages another players castle for a set amount of time equatable by the attacker's attempted percent pillage versus the defending players castle ,defense, and possible vault research. While your army is inside the white boarder line the clock will count down. The more troops inside the boarder the faster the clock goes. If you were smart to send enough troops for your assigned percent pillage your troops will retreat once the clock zeroes out. Keep in mind that all defenses will continue to engage unless your pillage attack made it to the castles keep. Having a retreat that protects your catapults is advisable. There a multitude of advantages that pillaging has, it is not for the simple purpose of stealing goods. It is a weapon. The kind of weapon that doesn't have to have your traditional 400-500 man army for. Although overkill is always advised!!!!!!!!! This guide will explain the use of a few 1% pillages that are awesome to do. Keep in mind none of these pillages yield a lot of goods. They are are for war faring purposes only So lets begin: THE SCOUT (1% Pillage) Ever have a castle you could never get a scout report on? Good players keep maximum amount of troops on there walls, and you probably will almost never get a scouting report on a village with 400 archers up. But there is more info you need before you can go all out on this village. Does it have a sally forth or peasant hole? Where are those horrible turrets located? Most players won't send an army to certain death just so they can know what the castle looks like and this is where pillaging enters. With a simple 1% pillage you have obtained your castle visual as well as engaged the defenses to a small degree. Now you know where the sally forth will leave from or where the peasant hole is located and yes you took some resources. Point is 1% pillage is very useful for reconnaissance. Very simple attack, 130-150 pikemen followed by 100-150 archers (I told you to overkill didn't I) Never use this attack front door / bottom left. THE CAPTAIN (1% Pillage) You have to love Captains Tactics right?? I know I love them,!!! Captains in pillaging are very good for tactically taking apart a players castles. This is truthfully only useful if you are very short distance attacking. Please keep in mind that exploiting full advantage of the tactic that you are using will require 2 captains. These attacks are usually used for inactive villages. Tactics can take out ballistas or clear small sections of troops on towers or inside a players keep. THE SLEEPER (1% Pillage) This Captain tactic is very mean. Using the delay tactic to just rain all hell on a players castle. Be warned, you must be aware of placing your captain and catapults respectively. And because your captain is surrounded by archers (they better be) should you have both on the same side during your attack, the archers will protect your cats. This attack is really used to eat away at a castle and sit back and watch over and over while ..... This is especially good for parishes or county buildings without troops on the walls. I thank you all for taking time to check out my guide. I hope this opened someone's mind to the endless possibilities and joys of using the 1% pillage