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  1. So much effort to just die to a tank. lol
  2. That is actually pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Well... there is at least one thing I wouldn't have guessed. Haha
  4. Saw their first video on it in April 2015. Looks really cool, but hard to do.
  5. Welcome Diel, to Damage Incorporated.
  6. PP-Bizon. Loved the gun in AvA, hate it in CS:GO.
  7. Feels bad spreading disease through the infectious aerosol droplets. Feels good to be relieved of the itching in your nose and make and put some volume behind it. Fun fact (stolen from internet): Languages have onomatopoeic words for sneezing, ranging from English ahchoo to Russian apchkhee to French atchoum to German hatschi to Japanese hakushon to Filipino ha-ching to Romanian hapciu to Turkish hapshoo to Tamil Hach to Italian eccì or ecciù.
  8. In Germany you can get root beer in some supermarkets like Rewe or Kaiser's. Gas stations sell A&W Root Beer too most of the time.
  9. Welcome Cala, to Damage Incorporated!
  10. Achievement get: Create personal Google result. Let's make it trending and hypnotize the world!
  11. My dog used to chase people on a bike a lot. It got so bad, I had to take his bike away.
  12. Very sad to hear. Gladly we got their music.