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  2. This is why you can't have nice things america!
  3. Luke, I am your... oh... nevermind
  4. Me and my partner plan to start a family soon(tm), it'll be so nice to have little versions of us running around... More seriously, we do plan on having kids in the future, i'm enjoying my sleep and my ability to do day to day activities.
  5. I'm not sure Xtream has quite got the hang of this game. 4560.
  6. that's not a problem alina, I just wanted to make sure other members who might possibly share here too knew it was a public space.
  7. Members should note that this is a public forum and posts made here are available to anyone with or without an account on this forum. A topic on this that is viewable to members only is available.
  8. When a strange cat topic has gone just that BIT too far.
  9. Oh You...
  10. GOD DAMNIT CINDERS Timely bump there Draco. *doffs cap*
  11. Interesting, I've seen a vast improvement in Boot time from win 7 and never had any issues with updates (other than those that have been issues since windows 98). Have you looked at your settings and changed the upgrade settings there? Settings > Update and security > advanced .... incidentally here is also where you can change the update p2p
  12. Me because its spam counting game - therefore in forum game subforum. now feel free to count away! i beleive you got to THIRD