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  1. In my defense, I'm actually retarded.
  2. I legit hate you all
  3. What if she had a prosthetic arm?
  4. Nah to me a good teammate is someone who understands that you'll make mistakes throughout your games and will not give you hell for it
  5. I thought your goal was to be the first member to hit over 1000 posts with only being on the TS once or twice
  6. Well, I gave amoney my alpha boost for a few days just to use it for some tourneys and he asked me to play ranked with him here's the stream link
  7. If any of you is interested in 1 on 1 air dribble help, I could offer some
  8. 100 in one day is pretty good, the OG spammers can do better.
  9. Really loving the Starboy album by the Weekend
  10. Future advice: Post thing like this in the Rocket League Trading Thread instead of general chat on forums
  11. Feel like they've given up on skin updates as their worried more about worlds and full champ updates and releases