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  3. Srsly considerig reactivating fb just for lesbian tinder
  5. Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. John Quincy Adams

  6. OVERVIEW This document is the standard for writing service documents in the PRP and should be adhered to when writing. While it is not completely required to do exactly as this document outlines, it is highly recommended. We understand that certain topics require deviation from this standard. NOTES Any areas with square brackets [] are where you need to enter your text. Anything in the square brackets are notes to the writer and should be deleted. Use third person and address the reader in the third person (ie. Don’t; “I think you should do X like Y” do; “it would be advised to do X like Y”) Keep sentence length medium-short and word choices simple but specific. Get to the point and don’t ramble on too much because if you ramble on you get theses long sentences that start to lose meaning and could really be in two sentences, even with commas a sentence that is too long, like three lines, just disrupts the flow of the paragraph and almost becomes a paragraph in itself (this sentence being an example). When referencing something that isn’t obvious by its name or not specific Pokémon jargon, explain it briefly. You can create your own short-hand for anything, simply use the full name then the abbreviated name in brackets. Ie … Effort values (EV’s) … Try to use a professional text editor when drafting. Microsoft word is a good paid option, google docs is probably the best free version. Pictures are advised to help validate your point, provide visual examples and to break up large sections of text. Videos are usable but should only be used for processes that are difficult to explain in text, try to be as professional about the video. DO NOT copy content from other websites. If you must use information from other websites, then reference that at the bottom of the post. If you need you can reference other guides or articles ONLY within the PRP. DO NOT REFERENCE THIS DOCUMENT THE GUIDE Everything within squiggle brackets can be copy-pasted to use as your structure. A very generic sort of structure follows { OVERVIEW [write about what the service is, what the purpose/intention of it is] USING [write about how a user will use the service and what they need to do. write about how others can join/contribute to the service if they desire.] MANAGEMENT [write about how the service is going to be managed and the tools that will make this happen] } TIPS/POINTERS Google drive is a great place for easily accessible and editable online documents which can be greatly helpful too all parts of service running. Google sheets is a great place for handling incoming service requests and divvying out requests between service members. Alternately using a PM’s/PM group on the DI forums is perfectly fine for managing requests/service members.
  7. OVERVIEW The DI-X Pokémon Repository Project [DI-X: PRP] is an initiative to create, gather and share information on any and all things Pokémon within the DI-X community. This is partly to organise the wealth of information that is already out there into one place, partly to generate new and interesting content within the DI-X community and partly to draw in new members to grow our community. The project revolves around the continuing effort of our members (and initiates, see below) to contribute the content for everyone else. If you find the content within the project useful more than a few times, then you should consider contributing something yourself. Services aim to combine groups of people that will offer their time/experience/skill to other members in DI-X. The services can be about anything and are created when some one’s volunteers to be a service leader. A service leader will run their service interdependently from the PRP organisers and thus are responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly. LEADING To lead a service group, you must write a main article that briefly describes your service and how to use it (like this document). Then send a PM to a PRP organizer including a draft of this document and how you plan to run the service. Once your service has been approved, post the service document to the division forums (the private one) with [DI-X: PRP] and [SERVICE] in the tittle and a descriptive title. Also, it is highly recommended to have one other person contribute to the service and in another time zone. Depending on the service it is also recommended to contact the services with both parties communicating in team speak. A guide to writing a service page and how to run a service is here.
  8. You should buy other one usually Razer is too much money for a product more cheaper than the price they sell, investigate more to search a good Ultrabook.
  9. It's been a year since you joined! Congrats!

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      What have I said about stalking people me0wth

  10. Today
  11. I can't have pets in the building, I never had pets :c
  12. The happier i get the worst this feeling inside me gets and im just tired of trying to be happy anymore. Ive already given up on the world. Just living day to day without having something to look forward to. 

  13. It really was a random number, here is the screenshot I took before I posted. I'm glad we could have a bit of fun with a game that's been sitting in my inventory lol
  14. hey there, welcome to DI
  15. @CrixWould you mind if I sent my specs sometime so I can figure out where I fall on the list? I built a new PC last year. I have had some technical difficulties (power supply) but it outperformed anything I had used before.
  16. 1) What game are you applying to DI? (SHK,LoL,CSGO,DOTA,RL,Community) ARK: Survival Evolved 2) In Game Information: (Rank/Level/Experience, World/Server) im currently playing unofficial server on ARK around 270 hrs and in Dota2 2357 hrs 3) What is your in-game name? teDdy0120 Gelo_Ung_Gwapo gelo221 U GO MID I GO FEED 4) Steam is Required for Membership 4a) Provide a link to your Steam Profile (Must be set to Public, so we can view it): 5) Do you play any other games? Dota2/Ark 6) What is your main language? If not English, can you speak English? Im a Pilipino and my language is Tagalog i can Speak English but no that well but i can understand it verry well 7) Your Clanning History 7a) Are you currently in any Clans or Teams? 7b) (Name any previous clans/guilds/teams you were in, How long you were there, Your rank/position in them, Why you left) i play ragnarok official (the Babaeros [ph guild]) 5 years and ragnarok(Private Server [im the GM]) 2 years Dota2 Team (DFWS [Dont Fuck With Us) [Local Team play Competetive] (Position 4th Support) 3 years before i leave to Start my Civil Engr. Career 8) Who invited you to join Damage Inc, Where did you learn about us? -DI-BlaZzEr i read some Forum that they need a Tribe Member on Official ARK 9) Do you know anyone in Damage Inc, if so who and how long have you known them? None 10) Why do you wish to join Damage Incorporated above other clans? (at least 2-3 lines of text required) im tired of playing solo on ark and i want to have more competitive Battle and Experience i dont know yet you guys but when -DI-BlaZzEr tell me how you take the gaming Seriously i expect a great Community to be part of you i love gaming and even i have already work as a civil engr im still love gaming its keep my heart pumping 11) Do you acknowledge that you will be an Initiate for 4-7 weeks, and that you must achieve all requirements for full membership; - Make at least 50 posts during your time in initiation. - Attend at least 4+ Official Events and get the Event Attendance Tokens. - Be active on Forums daily, Inactivity of more than 3 days without a post in vacation will result in removal. - Pass the Final Test with a score of 70%+. and that failure to achieve these will result in your initiation being terminated without question and will have to wait at least 7 days to re-apply? Yes, Loud and Clear 12) Idling In our Teamspeak is required whilst you are online, Will you be able to abide by this? Yes Currently Downloading it now 13) How many Referrals, including rank types, do you need for full membership? (Located in the “How to Join Damage Incorporated” topic) 3 ref and must be 1 officer 14) Is this your first time applying for DI? 14a)If no, when and why did you leave before? Leave blank if not applicable to you Yes!!!! Thanks And if Im not Good Enough to be Part of you Maybe Someday ill be Thank i will Accept any Decision you will make 15) If you were removed from DI (or left) for any reason, why should we accept you back? (at least 2-3 lines of text required) Leave blank if not applicable to you
  17. There is no such thing as a wrong build. There are "preferred" builds and sub-optimal builds. There are builds that make you lose even though they're meta, and builds that make you win even though they seems crazy. Nonetheless, the truth is: If you win, it was the right build. But if you lose, it doesn't mean it was the wrong build, because someone out there used that same build, and won.
  18. Duel doesn't save disarm.
  19. By clan, I assume you mean something similar to the structure here, while team is more like a small group aiming for some kind of competitive achievement? I have not been kicked from a clan. And I have never been on any kind of team like that either. Concerning Q11, to be honest, my gaming rig has been out of commission for a few months now. I built the thing a year ago. My first time doing it. A few months later it all goes bad. Apparently there was some problem with the power supply? In any case, I have been using my backup, a HP laptop. Last I tried, it had very bad performance running PS2 and R6Siege, but it runs games like Civ 5 and EU4 ok. I know it seems strange, but I can't play either of those(PS2/R6S) games until my friend and I figure out what happened to my gaming rig. Would there be any way to postpone this period of time where I am required to do the things listed in 11? Should that mean prolonging the time before becoming a full member, I would make that sacrifice. Any consideration would be appreciated. Thank you. P.S. Thank you for the clarification for #12
  20. Shipping from us to japan may be a bit far tho .p
  21. What type of ram? What motherboard. I actually have ram laying around in ESD bags and wouldn't mind helping a fellow gamer out.
  22. U Ghost, stop attacking me ;w;

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      Intrests  Ghosts have no intrests ~♥

      God damn GHOST! D:

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      But you're a ghost as you call yourself


  23. It's well alright Shin, I believe we have been well introduced via For Honor hypedom ;)
  24. This made my day! xD
  25. Each to their own is the saying I do believe. But really @Sneksome things should be kept between you and your Internet Service Provider.
  26. T-Thats just... eh...
  27. Good post I will be raising some Wyvern soon for our server so this helps a lot :)
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